National Product Catalogue in Rail

National Product Catalogue in Rail

A Project i-TRACE industry initiative:

Enabling digitalisation of Material Master Data in the Rail industry 

Project i-TRACE is a joint initiative with the Australasian Railway Association and GS1 Australia to standardise the way objects in the rail industry supply chain are identified and marked.

This inventory management program is aimed at reducing costs and improving the quality of materials management processes. 

The National Product Catalogue (NPC) enables the adoption of a standard list of data attributes and processes for exchanging Material Master Data (MMD) in the Rail industry. The NPC will digitise the way MMD is managed in the Rail industry. This agreed, standardised approach to capturing and sharing critical data about the materials that flow through the rail supply chain saves the industry exposure to unnecessary costs, duplication and data quality errors.

Based on the principles of 'data synchronisation', the NPC enables the sharing and updating of quality, standard data. This data is required to link physical items (parts, components and assets) to the daily operations of suppliers, maintainers and rail operators.

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