Barcodes for selling on Amazon

To sell your products on Amazon, you will need to add a product identifier for most categories. In other words a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and possibly a barcode.

GS1 Australia is the only officially licensed barcode provider with authority to supply GTINs for the Amazon marketplace in Australia.

Please be aware that if you obtain your barcode numbers from an unauthorised source, you may suffer losses if you need to re-label or re-package your products, or if your products are rejected by your retail customer. All costs linked to an invalid barcode number are incurred by the seller.

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Amazon recommends GS1 GTINs

Amazon recommends obtaining your GTINs directly from GS1. GTIN, UPC and EAN are all equivalent terms for GS1 barcode numbers.

Amazon verify the authenticity of product GTINs by checking the GS1 database. GTINs that do not match the information provided by GS1 will be considered invalid and could impact your Amazon account. Visit Amazon Seller Central to learn more

 “The EAN code is the main key we use to match products and ensure that we are presenting complete and detailed information to our customers - the EAN code is mandatory information that we ask for, it is essential."

Nicolli de Souza, Amazon

You have your barcode numbers, what's next?

Product Images

It is important that the images of your products match the requirements of your online marketplace. The way you present your products influences a customer’s decision to buy. For Amazon, if your product images do not meet the Amazon specifications they may be suppressed from the site. GS1 Australia offers members a service that specialises in e-commerce lifestyle photography and, most importantly, can produce your images to meet the Amazon requirements.

Visit GS1 Australia Product Photography.

Images produced by GS1 Australia Product Photography for Zavu Amazon listing.

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