Safer, more efficient care starts with a simple scan.

Today, healthcare providers need to ensure high quality patient care while working within time and financial constraints. GS1 standards and barcodes are the foundation which help hospitals deliver improved patient safety and operational efficiencies. 

GS1 standards help to support improved patient safety, provide data interoperability and drive business efficiency, effectiveness and cost reduction. The result - caregiver processes are supported and hospital staff can spend more time with patients.

Regulatory agencies and jurisdictions in more than 65 countries also acknowledge GS1 standards enable critical traceability. 

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Enabling interoperable and scalable 'digitalization' for improved patient safety

Enabling interoperable and scalable 'digitalization' for improved patient safety

How standards and technology are supporting the complex digital journey for healthcare.

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John Smith goes to hospital; GS1 barcodes keep him safe

Video • 1:54min

Clinical Patient Pathway

Clinical Patient Pathway

Demonstrating where GS1 standards support the patient journey

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