GS1 Basics for Healthcare - Free Webinars

Complimentary webinars to support the healthcare industry

GS1 Australia offers a series of education and training programs that help members understand the GS1 standards and how to implement them.

How to meet Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements

Join us for a webinar to learn more about Unique Device Identification (UDI) which is an international regulation in some countries, like the US (FDA) or the EU (European Commission). Understand what is demanded by different regulators around the globe and how to meet compliance using GS1 standards for regulators and your local industry.

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Scanning accuracy - Ensuring barcode quality in healthcare

Learn more about what scanning accuracy is about and how to achieve compliant barcodes using GS1 standards. Get an insight to some common errors, how to avoid them and build a robust process to meet the needs of international regulatory compliance and your local industry.

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Basics of barcoding for pharmaceutical labelling

Understand how to implement GS1 Standards to support local and global pharmaceutical requirements, such as Australia’s TG091 requirements for prescribed medicines and National Blood Authority requirements for recombinant products. We also touch on some of the practical benefits resulting from the implementations of these regulations.

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GS1 standards in hospitals - Ways to increase patient safety

Many healthcare providers around the world (including Australia) are leveraging GS1 standards across a range of critical healthcare processes, including Positive Patient Identification, Bedside Scanning, Medication Management, Theatre Management, Patient Level Costing, Recall Management and Traceability. Join us for this webinar to hear more about how to increase patient safety and supply chain efficiency using GS1 standards and real-life examples across Australia and around the globe.

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