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This Traceability Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) Calculator has been developed to assist producers and processors assess the viability of procuring traceability systems. The tool estimates a return on investment (ROI) based on user inputs regarding the costs and benefits of procuring a new traceability system. The accuracy of estimated results depends on the quality of information provided by the user on the Inputs page.

This tool was developed by Agriculture Victoria in collaboration with stakeholders from the table grapes, citrus and cherries industries, logistics sector, traceability system solution providers and GS1 Australia. It was developed as a deliverable of the Table Grapes Traceability Pilot.

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This model has been prepared by Agriculture Victoria for businesses to identify the potential benefits of introducing a traceability system.
Any results presented are general in nature and the choice to adopt a traceability system should be considered alongside other information and expertise. The results are calculated based on the user-inputted information. These results are an estimate and should be used for guidance purposed only.

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