Tertiary Education

GS1 Australia promotes supply chain best practice through diverse and innovative courses and strategic collaboration.

GS1 Australia helps current and future leaders in supply chain to develop their knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of industry. We offer a wide range of quality education and training services so you can get the most from your implementation of the GS1 system.

We partner with leading Australian universities and vocational training organisations to deliver customised subjects about the GS1 system. To further promote good industry practice we actively foster research relationships with our members, academia, associations and government. 

As part of the GS1 global network, GS1 Australia is also engaged at an international level in the development and delivery of courses.

What we offer you 

  • A suite of diverse face-to-face courses for GS1 members, covering implementation and management of the GS1 system
  • Tailored onsite training
  • Member-only access to educational videos on numbering and barcoding
  • Access to GS1works, our interactive supply chain simulator in Melbourne
  • Online learning
  • Webinar-based training
  • Hiring of training facilities in Melbourne and Sydney
  • Strategic and associate partnerships
  • Research opportunities

Who we work with

Education and training