GS1 Traceability - A solid foundation

A solid foundation for real-time product tracking at every step of the supply chain.  GS1 traceability is a technology-neutral framework used to capture and share information inside your organisation, between your own trading partners, and with other companies outside your direct supply chain.

To be effective, supply chain traceability systems must be able to interact with existing legacy systems, and any new solutions in the future:

  • Trading partners must be able to easily collaborate and share information for visibility across the entire supply chain
  • Product recalls need to be faster and more precise
  • Products needs to be easily authenticated
  • Sustainability efforts need to be strengthened and consumer trust must be paramount
  • GS1 Traceability brings together all the elements of the GS1 system to achieve these benefits and more

Operating across systems, sectors and seaboards 

GS1 Traceability delivers global supply chain transparency. Information is automatically collected and accessed seamlessly across all events spanning the lifecycle of an object:

  • The transformation and processing of product raw materials, ingredients, intermediate products and components
  • Aggregation and disaggregation of products and linking them to assets
  • Transport and distribution, including cross-border trade
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul operations across multiple cycles of usage or service of the product
  • Consumption of products, including dispensing and administering
  • The disposal and destruction of a product and the recycling of materials


Complexity of today’s supply chains

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Unlock global traceability