Matthews’ tools are solving supply-chain issues – for free

With label non-compliance a long-term supply-chain challenge, Matthews set about solving the problem from two angles, helping both suppliers and retailers along the way. 

Label non-compliance still challenges the supply chain. 

Mark Dingley, Matthews Australasia CEO, says, “It frustrates retailers and wastes resources for suppliers, yet it’s avoidable with the right tools and education.” 

Matthews began fixing both issues several years ago. 

Matthews CEO Mark Dingley at the 2022 APPMA Awards of Excellence at AUSPACK

Matthews CEO Mark Dingley at the 2022 APPMA Awards of Excellence at AUSPACK

iDSnet Cloud
After 18 months of development and testing with GS1 and retailers, the coding, labelling and product traceability specialist launched iDSnet Cloud in 2020.
iDSnet Cloud allows suppliers to produce GS1-compliant labels, avoiding retailer rejection due to compliance errors and getting products onto shelves. And it’s free.
“All our solutions – coding, labelling and vision – help businesses in supply-chain management. Our business aim is to help improve Australia’s manufacturing industry, thus we chose to make iDSnet Cloud free to aid Australian manufacturing overall.”
Since the pandemic began, over 600,000 labels have been printed in the cloud, with sign-up numbers still rising.
“Australia needs a self-sufficient domestic supply chain. We’re proud iDSnet Cloud was part of facilitating that supply-chain resilience – particularly at a time when food and beverage logistics were critical for the nation.”
Alongside this, iDSnet is controlling more than 2,000 production lines nationwide.
Although first created for grocery suppliers, iDSnet Cloud has become an Australian success story for freemium SaaS products in the B2B category, with wider discussions already held with tech businesses.
Matthews’ new 2D Barcode Learning Centre has proven equally as useful as its original Barcode Learning Centre, with retailers recommending the educational tool to suppliers, helping them understand how to create compliant labels.
With the 2D Barcode Learning Centre, Barcode Learning Centre and iDSnet Cloud all freely accessible, the tools are highly useful for Australia’s vital manufacturing industry.

iDSnet Cloud