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YPB Systems

YPB Group Ltd (ASX:YPB) lives by three words - certainty of authenticity. We deliver on this through our experience in creating revolutionary, patented brand protection and customer engagement solutions. Solutions that detect and prove certainty of authenticity and connect brands directly to their customers, empowering them to engage one-on-one.

In an evolving marketplace and with the rapid growth of cross border commerce, our expertise presently focuses on the rapidly growing markets of Australia, South East Asia and China.

Barcode & RFID:
RFID tags/labels

Data analytics
Product authentication software

Services & Other:
Anti counterfeit
Retail anti theft

Whether you represent a brand, manufacturer, financial institution or Government body, YPB possesses an arsenal of security solutions that are easily integrated into your existing security systems to provide a more enhanced deterrent to counterfeiters.

1. Security Printing

YPB has a range of covert and overt technologies, some of which are considered the industry standard and some that are proprietary to YPB.

  • Forensic Covert Tracer

A proprietary technology that when applied is invisible, virtually indestructible and only detectable with a YPB Scanner.

  • Varisec™
Varisec (Variable Security Foil) embeds security features in a non-embossed and non-holographic hot stamping foil. To date, it has already been used in over 100 million issuances of ePassports. YPB Forensic Authentication also enables 3rd level security images to be included in the foil.
  • Mul-T-Gram™
Mul-T-Gram innovatively combines holography and Varisec technologies - proprietary to YPB. It integrates covert and overt security features while various technologies such as stoke can also be embedded. 
  • Multisec Fibres™
This type of secure fiber is embedded into the vital documents of Governments and financial institutions but its application is easily extended to products that require a heightened level of authentication.
  • Multisec™ Thread
Security Thread which has multiple integrated security features such as UV Fluorescent effect, YPB’s visible tracer, YPB’s Invisible tracer and Bi-component image.
2. YPB Securetrack

PB Securetrack allows manufacturers and logistics companies to integrate our solutions with existing systems or as a standalone solution. YPB Securetrack offers visibility and real time tracking at item, unit, box and pallet level.

Track.Trace.Secure - YPB Securetrack (QR/NFC) is a scalable solution integrated with our proprietary platform, giving you tracking ability and shipment reports. Each item with a unique code can be ‘digitally followed’, grouped into coded boxes and collated into coded pallets.

This allows a shipment to be broken down and rerouted to various storehouses, while maintaining full visibility and verification of the original shipment throughout its journey.

The inclusion of our proprietary, Forensic Covert Tracer – in a QR code for example - allows for an even more stringent method of YPB Forensic Authentication.

This combination of proprietary and digital security makes it virtually impossible to hijack or dilute a shipment through counterfeiting.

3. Product Authentication 

Whether it is a designer bag, pharmaceuticals, Government Vital Documents or various secure documents, every customer needs to be able to trust the authenticity of what they’ve purchased or been issued. YPB helps achieve this peace-of-mind through its authentication in the following ways:

  • Forensic Authentication 

YPB Forensic Authentication, utilizing Forensic Covert Tracer embedded in a product’s inks, dies or plastics, resulting in the Anti-Counterfeit deterrent becoming part of the product. YPB works with suppliers to integrate the solution into existing processes or can manage the process end-to-end.

  • Digital Authentication 

YPB Secure Digital Authentication is achieved through QR Code, NFC or Image Recognition, optionally bolstered by use of a Forensic Covert Tracer. Complementary implementation such as a unique serial code makes YPB Secure Digital Authentication ideal for customer verification. It is cost effective and can be ‘up-streamed’ to produce a YPB Securetrack solution. Once a shipment has reached its destination, YPB Secure Digital Authentication can be repurposed to become a digital touchpoint for a customer.

  • Nanotag Authentication 

YPB Nanotag Authentication utilizes invisible nanocrystals embedded into a product which forms an individualized Nanotag, readable by a proprietary smartphone application. This revolutionary new technology represents the latest innovation in product security.

4. Forensic and IP Consulting

YPB’s IP solution specialists will work with quality brands and Governments, to develop bespoke brand protection strategies and solutions that will allow brands to PROTECT their products and end customers. YPB Forensics and IP Consulting provide a complete Forensic Authentication and metrics package that allows IP owners to monitor and manage programs on levels far more advanced than other companies. 

  • Brand Scurity Consulting
  • Investigation Support Services
  • Security Design 
  • In-house Support
5. Product Security 

Our Anti-Counterfeit technologies also extend to Anti-Theft technologies for retailers. Since 1989, we have helped a myriad of retailers protect themselves from a shoplifting industry that results in losses that run into the billions.

  • Concept Tag 
  • Electronic Tags
  • Meat Tags
  • Max Wrap
  • Alarming Tags
  • Bottle Scurity Tags and Caps 
  • Gates and Detection Systems

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