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Telstra & Enspire Australia (Telstra Enterprise Partner)

Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications and information services company, offering a full range of communications services and competing in all telecommunications markets.

Believing that the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have, Telstra help create a brilliant connected future for everyone, every day.

As Australia's leading ICT company, Telstra is proud to be helping customers improve the ways in which they live and work through technology and have adopted a strategy of employing expert assistance of quality Enterprise Partners, to deliver a host of specialist Solutions and Services to our Valued Customers.

Enspire Australia is a Telstra Enterprise Partner that have joined GS1 in assisting Members with their Technology needs.

Enspire Australia have been delivering ICT services across Australia since 1999. A proven performer as a provider and facilitator of cloud computing services, Enspire leverage off a broad network of partners and vendors to deliver ongoing value for our customers. Being a Telstra Enterprise Partner, Enspire can confidently deliver customers the very best technologies and ICT services that business can rely upon to succeed. 

Enspire's ICT services and solutions include:

  • Cloud - Hosted Desktop, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Colocation

  • Managed Services

  • Voice & Telephony

  • Business Continuity

  • Cyber Security

  • Back Up

  • Disaster Recovery

Learn more about Enspire's solutions here

and Security Offering here

The Team at Enspire can also assist with direction and guidance in relation to navigation into Telstra for all of your Technology & Networking needs, inclusive of:

  • Revitalising retail - enabling a compelling customer experience, in-store or online

  • Remedy shrinking healthcare budgets - collaboration, mobility and data management are revolutionising healthcare

  • Powerful solutions for tough challenges - automating processes and improving communications to keep Australian goods moving

Barcode & RFID:
Barcode Software
RFID Software
Event Tracking Software
Scan Packing Software
ERP Software
PIM Software
PIM Workflow Software
POS Software
Product Authentication Software

EDI, Data & Digital Content:
EDI Software
Digital Content Providers

Services & Other:
Payment Gateways

With new ways to collaborate, mobility tools that give doctors and patients greater flexibility, and secure, centralised data storage, get the most out of diminishing budgets: 

Improved patient comfort
Multipurpose bedside units let patients access movies, internet and email, as well as access relevant health information, settle their accounts and contact nurses.

Home healthcare services
Telehealth - including high-definition video conferencing - means you can extend increasingly effective care into homes and remote areas.

Automated monitoring
Patient tracking and remote monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood glucose, can be automatically aggregated into centralised data systems.

Improved health education
With wider data visibility, you can investigate patterns in diseases, demographics and care results to deliver targeted, informative healthcare and education campaigns

Finding the right clinicians faster
An enhanced provider index of health professionals, expertise and sub-specialities makes it easier to select the specialist most suited to patients' needs.

Great team collaboration
Help specialists collaborate using HD video conferencing and desktop sharing, making it possible to offer true multidisciplinary care over vast distances.

Streamlined routine checks
Nurses can record vital signs, dispense prescribed pharmaceuticals or update patient notes as they go, providing a single, centralised up-to-date record.


Technology has changed retail forever. You'll get ahead of your competitors by harnessing the power of ICT: 

Influence your market through interactive and engaging experiences to increase sales and promote loyalty.

Machine to machine
Give your assets the power to communicate with each other, automating day-to-day tasks to free up your staff's time.

Cloud infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure gives you secure access to your data from any internet-enabled device, with 24/7 support, and the option to add a range of security, data backup and disaster recovery add-ons.

Create rich conversations that promote better engagement with your customers as well as across your organisation.

Managed network Wi-Fi
Customised or ready-to-go cloud solutions that help you to provide anywhere, anytime access your Wi-Fi network for customers or staff.

Digital media
Deliver interactive and personalised content across digital channels to customers, public or staff at the right place and time.

Transport and Logistics

It's crucial that supply chain partners are connected - to each other, their work and their customers. Telstra is focused on designing technology that does that plus introduces cost-reducing automation and process improvements.

Machine to Machine
Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless solution is a smarter way to manage multiple business assets in the field. It allows remote, SIM-enabled equipment or assets to automatically communicate with each other and with you.

Cloud infrastructure
Cloud infrastructure gives you secure access to your data from any internet-enabled device, with 24/7 support, and the option to add a range of security, data backup and disaster recovery add-ons

Vehicle and assets
Track and monitor your most valuable assets using Navman, Securatrak and Sendum technology no matter what environment you work in.

Telstra Enterprise

Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider

HP Silver Status Business Partner

Cisco Premium Partner

Citrix Silver Partner

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T: 0400 612 421