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Solos Limited

Solos is a world-leading smart-label and inventory management company with Italian origins and rich history of serving predominately the world’s most luxurious brands. Together with Solos’ software, and a suite of sensors at the shop or venue, the total label-software-sensor package is known as the Solos Retail Sensor Platform. It:

  • Australian First for the deployment of of Wireless RFID Inventory Management
  • RFID Smart Mirror Technology
  • Global First Smart Label - Future of Retail
  • counters theft - can reduce shrinkage by 45% per store
  • reduces counterfeiting
  • reduces the number of labels 
  • allows for immediate shopfloor re-pricing and discounting
  • gives provenance information to customers
  • creates post-POS marketing opportunities with consumers
  • enables instant stock taking/inventory management
  • enables stock-tracking on a global scale – end-to-end supply chain management 
Each ‘smart label’ uses a choice of 21 state of the art technologies, enabling business to operate more efficiently and profitably. The smart label embeds crucial information and allows it to be accessed via NFC and RFID. Solos embeds and extracts key data with proprietary patented technologies. By integrating the data-journey from label to financial reporting, Solos creates not only an efficient management system, but a secure one that eliminates digital shrinkage and online sabotage.

Labels & Hangtags – Provide a complete portfolio of garment labels, hangtags and other ancillary items.

Wireless RFID sensor Platform - for inventory management, security and marketing.

RFID - Smart Mirrors: Interactive Change Room Experience.

Electronically, the Smart Mirror identifies the items in the change room and provides on screen sizing and colour options, which are deliverable via a concierge feature, enabling customer to send a message to staff in store.

Smart Label - Global First Technology - Launch date TBC.

Embedded RFID/NFC label - Reducing the need for multiple labels. Providing brand, authenticity, size, care instructions, anti-theft, including post purchase notifications.

Solos / Seafolly RFID Launch Party

Solos / Seafolly RFID Testimonial

Solos / Seafolly Smart Mirror Testimonial

Barcode & RFID:
Barcode labels
Barcode printing hardware
Barcode scanners
Barcode software
RFID hardware
RFID sotware
RFID tags/labels

Data analytics
ERP software

Services & Other:
Anti counterfeit
Asset management and identification
Retail anti theft

ISO 9001

ISO 27001

TUV Certified

Member of Indicam

Intel Technology Partner

Contact details

Dimi Lekkas
Global Sport & Retail Development
Unit 15, 390 Eastern Valley Way, Roseville
NSW 2069

T:  +61 428 285 766