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Every day, all over the world, GS1 helps identify, capture, share and use an incredible amount of data relating to our members’ supply chains. 

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Identify, capture, share and use


GS1 sets global standards

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And builds a common foundation for business

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That you can use across the supply chain

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We create standards

GS1 standards

Our standards are the global language of business. Designed to enable clear exchanges between trading partners, they help you keep costs down and reduce supply chain complexity.

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How standards are created

GS1 works with you to create and continually improve all of the standards in use today.

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The GS1 system

The GS1 system is a common foundation for business that enables you to uniquely identify, accurately capture and automatically share vital information about products, locations, assets and more.

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See GS1 standards in action

Use this interactive tool to see how the GS1 system provides visibility across the supply chain – using a humble jar of strawberry jam as an example.

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We work with industry

Solution Providers

There are more than 70 companies in our Alliance Partner program – and they are all here to help you improve your supply chain management processes.

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GS1 Institute

The GS1 Institute is an influential learning and research centre that promotes supply chain best practice through diverse and innovative courses, strategic collaboration with industry, and more.

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