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Basics of barcoding for pharmaceutical labelling


Tuesday 16 Oct 2018

Session: 2:00pm AEST - 2:30pm AEST



Increased requirements for use of GS1 identification and data capture of pharmaceuticals is a consistent theme the world over. These changes are driven by the need to support more secure and visible supply chains and the need for greater accuracy within the care process related to medications.

Though this webinar will focus on how to implement GS1 Standards to support local and global pharmaceutical compliance and industry requirements, such as Australia's TG091 requirements for prescribed medicines and National Blood Authority requirements for recombinant products we also touch on some of the practical benefits resulting from the implementations of these regulations.  Other key regulations from around the world (EU, USA, India and others) will also be referenced.

The target audience for this webinar are manufacturers, distributors, health ICT, Pharmacy project teams and solution providers who need to understand requirements or support medication management improvement projects.

  • Understand how to meet pharmaceutical labelling identification requirements based on GS1 standards
  • Know how to accurately represent pharmaceutical identification requirements in a GS1 data carriers
  • Recognize how this all helps you meet Australian requirements for identification and barcoding of pharmaceuticals and recombinant blood products
  • Appreciate why clear and accurate identification and data capture is so important to the care process beyond compliance