Implementing traceability

GS1 Australia can help you assess and implement the most suitable traceability solution for your business, and your budget. Enhancing visibility across your supply chain in real-time, using GS1 standards as the foundation. 

From helping you determine how traceable your supply chain currently is, to implementing new systems and processes, GS1 provides a full range of traceability services.

GS1 Traceability

GS1 Traceability

A technology-neutral framework that can be implemented using solutions you already have in place.

What is GS1 traceability?

GS1 traceability is a framework that can be applied by any business, regardless of industry or size. 

The framework integrates with existing technologies, making it possible for different solutions to operate efficiently with each other. As a result, the sharing of information between supply chain stakeholders is simple and effective.

Take a look at how GS1 traceability enabled Subway restaurants to achieve annual cost savings of USD $1.3 million.

GS1 traceability

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Benefits of implementing traceability with GS1

Proven expertise and support 
Traceability subject matter experts provide you with access to a network of solution providers and industry partners.

Increased cost savings
GS1 Australia helps you determine your traceability needs, review your current systems and define next steps to ensure your traceability process is as economic and efficient as possible.

Aligned with global markets 
The global nature of GS1 Traceability enables greater opportunities for multi-sector traceability and cross-border trade. GS1 standards already underpin many supply chain networks and have done for more than 40 years. The same standards are used globally by more than two million companies and global trading partners.

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