Message communication guidelines

These guidelines enable the practical and standard approach to the electronic exchange of data, using the EDIINT-ASI and EDIINT-AS2 standards. 

EDIINT-AS1 and EDIINT-AS2 are two guidelines developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that enable companies to use the internet to transport securely electronic messages.

They can be defined as follows:  

  • EDIINT-AS1 – based upon Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP), an internet standard for transporting email
  • EDIINT- AS2 – based on Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP), the de facto standard for transferring web documents

GS1 ensures the accurate use of these standards in conjunction with GS1 eMessaging standards, through the provision of a working document that is progressively reviewed by the GS1 Global Standards Management Process (GSMP).

Download the EDIINT AS1 and AS2 Communication Guidelines