GS1 Recall portal enhancing visibility of product safety notifications

Designed to support the food, grocery and general merchandise industries, GS1 Recall is an online portal service that significantly streamlines and improves processes and communications in the event of a product recall or withdrawal, enabling fast and effective removal of products across the supply chain.

How does the GS1 Recall portal work?

A product recall or withdrawal is completed in four easy steps using the GS1 Recall portal.

  1. Create your notice. The sponsor of a product recall/withdrawal collates and enters relevant product data and instructions into the GS1 Recall portal via the user-friendly workflow, individually targeting all recipients
  2. Send notice. The sponsor issues notifications to customers and trading partners, automatically notifying regulators and government agencies
  3. Receive responses. Recipients action the notifications and communicate product recovery and/or quarantine instructions throughout their supply chain enabling the removal of affected products. Recipients can respond directly to the sponsor via the GS1 Recall portal allowing real-time progress updates and enhanced traceability
  4. Close off. Fulfil regulatory process and reporting responsibilities as well as internal reporting and auditing requirements

“Delivery of timely and accurate product recall and withdrawal information between trading partners and regulatory agencies such as Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) and the ACCC, is key in the protection and safety of the consumer, the company and the brand."

“As members of the GS1 Recall Advisory Group, we recommend that all organisations can benefit from the use of the GS1 Recall service and strongly encourage all suppliers and recipient organisations to be part of this important industry initiative to diminish risk and improve consumer safety.” - GS1 Recall Advisory Group

What benefits will you gain by using the GS1 Recall portal?

  • Simplify and automate information exchange between suppliers, distributors and retailers
  • Provide mandatory notifications to regulators
  • Ensure fast and effective removal of unsafe or unsuitable products from your supply chain, retailers and the wider marketplace • Ensure your standards-based recall process meets industry requirements
  • Live support and emergency support on request
  • Access via mobile devices

Join us in making the GS1 Recall portal an industry best practice:

  • Ensure your experts are trained to use the GS1 Recall portal
  • Practice being ready to use the GS1 Recall portal in a crisis
  • Keep your recall ‘Ready and Live’ status up to date
  • Ensure your company uses the GS1 Recall portal to communicate all notifications inside your organisation and with your trading partners and regulators

Next steps:

  1. Learn more about GS1 Recall
  2. Register for the Discover GS1 Recall webinar
  3. Contact GS1 Australia’s Recall team on or 1300 227 263


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