GS1 QR Code

GS1 QR Codes were recently introduced to the GS1 System to provide another option for extended labeling, such as the representation of a URL with a GTIN on a product.

Containing up to 4,296 characters, the GS1 QR Code is a two-dimensional square barcode that carries text-based data. It is designed to be read by specific scanners and smartphone apps.

This barcode was introduced to support the representation of two specific GS1 Application Identifiers:

  • AI (01) – this is the GTIN
  • AI (8200) – this is an authorised URL

Additional information can be encoded if needed, and the use of this barcode is also approved where GS1 has approved applications that support GS1 DataMatrix.

Please note that the global healthcare industry currently only supports GS1 DataMatrix in their GS1 applications.


GS1 Healthcare Position Statement on GS1 DataMatrix Implementation

To meet the growing demands of increased data needs and facilitate increased patient safety, the healthcare community is in the position to be the leader in GS1 DataMatrix implementation.

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