GS1 DataMatrix

GS1 DataMatrix represents GS1 ID Keys and attribute data. 

In the GS1 standards, it can be used for a number of special applications, and the global healthcare sector has identified its use as its long-term preferred barcode.

These compact, two-dimensional barcodes hold a large amount of data in a relatively small space.

With the ability to capture up to 2,335 characters, GS1 DataMatrix is used to identify very detailed product information, for example the specific parts of surgical instruments.

GS1 DataMatrix has in-built error correction, to compensate for lost or missing data, or damage to the barcode – making it very accurate and secure.

Like others, this barcode is made up of a string of GS1 Application Identifiers. Some common uses include:

  • Etching onto medical instruments
  • Representing URLs on grocery products