VicTas Freight Express embraces AUSTROADS recommendation for industry to adopt Global Data Standards (GDS) to improve freight visibility

For immediate release Monday 17th September 2018 – VicTas Freight Express, a proudly independent SME established in 2010, understands what transport customers and the industry need

VicTas Freight Express have embraced the recommendations of the Austroads' supply chain visibility report (released March 2017) encouraging industry, in particular SMEs, to lead in the adoption of Global Data Standards (GDS) to improve freight visibility and supply chain efficiencies.

Anthony Tanner, Head of Sales, Systems and Strategy at VicTas Freight Express said, “VicTas Freight Express is now using GS1 Global Data Standards. We are using the GS1 Serial Shipping Container Code specified in the Australian Freight Labelling Guideline to uniquely identify freight units (i.e. parcel, carton or a pallet) across a multi-modal and multi-operator supply chain.”

“We are also leveraging the GS1 Transport Instruction and Status Notification electronic messages for communicating the movement of freight. This benefits our customers and transport partners as they can use a global standard instead of a proprietary standard when working with us.

The adoption of GS1 Global Data Standards is in line with priority 1.3 in the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s Inquiry Report into the Priorities for a National Freight Strategy.

GS1 Australia’s Senior Advisor - Freight, Logistics & Industrial Sectors, Michiel Ruighaver said, “SME transport companies play a vital role in the movement and visibility of freight up and down the supply chain. We look forward to many other transport providers following the example of VicTas Freight Express and embracing GS1 Global Data Standards to deliver better outcomes for their customers and the industry as a whole.”

SME supply chain partners who are currently operating different information management systems with varying degrees of complexity will experience a simplified supply chain process with the adoption of a common standard

The Australian Logistics Council also endorsed a policy statement in August this year that its members work towards the adoption of GS1 Global Data Standards in the Australian logistics industry.

“We are confident the implementation of GS1 standards is a great move for our business, customers and transport partners as it has simplified the visibility of the movement of freight and improved on what is already a great customer experience. We also look forward to the standards getting wider adoption by industry” added Mr Darren Smart, Sales & Marketing Director, VicTas Freight Express

For more information or support on implementing these guidelines, contact the GS1 Freight & Logistics Team on 1300 227 263 or




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VicTas Freight Express (VTFE) was established in 2010 to fill an important void in the local freight market in Melbourne. That void is stated in our logo, "Proudly Independent". With the corporates gobbling up independent carriers it left a void of choice and of service that can only be achieved from a carrier that understands what transport customers require. VTFE offers a friendly, professional and experienced local freight service provided by staff & drivers who care about your business. VTFE offers a parcel & pallet express freight service to Melbourne Metropolitan, Country Victoria, Southern NSW, Tasmania, South Australia & Canberra. For more information visit the VicTas website

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