GS1 Australia collaborating with retailers to get food suppliers ready for CoOL

For immediate release Monday 25 June 2018 – The countdown is on for food producers to show they are compliant with the Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) legislation. GS1 Australia is working closely with retailers to make sure their food suppliers are ready.

All companies who sell food priority products in Australian retail stores and online sites have until 1 July 2018 to change their labels to comply with the CoOL requirements.

Under the changes, labels for priority food products grown, produced or made in Australia will have to carry the familiar Australian Made kangaroo symbol and bar chart with accompanying text, that shows the proportion of Australian ingredients in the product. Non-priority foods only require a text statement of origin on their labels.

The new labels will provide Australian consumers with clearer and more meaningful country of origin information, so they can make more informed choices about the food they buy.

GS1 Australia’s Head of Data & Digital Content Services, John Hearn said, “Our collaboration with the retailers supports the shared vision of providing consumers with clearer information about the origins of their food. It also provides food suppliers with solutions to upload and share their CoOL attribute data with retailers who use our digital services.”

GS1 Australia’s suite of digital content services provides an easy solution for suppliers to provide their CoOL information to retailers.

The Data and Digital Content Services team at GS1 Australia have added the CoOL data fields to the National Product Catalogue (NPC) – GS1 Australia’s synchronisation solution that helps businesses exchange standardised supply chain information with their trading partners. This means that food suppliers can enter CoOL attribute product data in the NPC and forward this information to retailers from a single location.

“Smart Media, our complete digital marketing solution for sharing digital content and photography with retailers and online marketplaces, also supports the Country of Origin Labelling data requirements of all major retailers,” added Mr Hearn.

To further assist suppliers and their trading partners, the GS1 Barcode Check Verification Report has also been updated to include CoOL legislation images as they appear on the finished product.

“GS1 Australia’s support so far has assisted the enablement of many food suppliers to be ready for 1 July 2018. An increasing number of suppliers are now populating CoOL attributes in the National Product Catalogue with many more suppliers in the pipeline to complete the legislative requirements.

“It is great to see that many food suppliers are populating the CoOL fields in the National Product Catalogue and we encourage all of them to start uploading content, so they are ready and compliant with the CoOL legislation,” Mr Hearn commented.

This collaborative success story further demonstrates GS1 Australia’s commitment to the continued exchange of quality data between trading partners.

To find out more about the food labelling laws, watch video supported by Coles and Metcash or visit the Australian Government website. If you have any questions about the National Product Catalogue, please contact the NPC Customer Support Team at To find out more about Smart Media or Barcode Check, please call 1300 227 263.



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