GS1 Australia and Glow align to help brand owners

Glow and GS1 Australia have now formed an alliance to help brand owners get their products to market smarter.

Glow's built-in barcode technology has enabled lots of brands to drive trial, capture data and improve sales and marketing outcomes in a matter of days. GS1 and Glow have agreed to an exclusive offer to which will help members benefit, fast. 

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GS1 Smart Media is a suite of services for recipients and publishers making it easy to produce, manage and share: 


  • High quality and fast to market

Professional images produced in-house are checked and validated to global imaging standards.

  • Easy to use and mobile

User friendly interface and accessible on all devices.

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy

Content is automatically shared with all of your trading partners saving you time and effort.

  • Integration with other systems

Data can be integrated with National Product Catalogue to avoid duplication.

  • Customisable information

Extended product information including country of origin, ingredients, allergens and nutritional data can be added. Product data can be enriched with additional assets or marketing copy.

  • Consistent, accurate and up-to-date content

GS1 will capture all of your product data (including on-pack) using a process of 7 x QA and QC steps to ensure accuracy. Data is only published after your review and approval. This gives you control of your data to make sure it’s always up-to-date

Smart Media ensures suppliers meet the requirements for all marketplaces


Smart Media makes it easy. Simply send your products into the GS1 Australia studios in Melbourne or Sydney. We will create all content for you and validate against global standards.

To find out more contact the Smart Media team or call at +61 2 9595 2227