Glow and GS1 Australia align to help brand owners

GS1 Australia is pleased to announce they have now formed an alliance with Glow to help brand owners leverage smarter market insight.

Glow makes it easy to collect, understand and use data without being an expert in research or analytics. Enabling you to make better decisions regarding your products.

Using Glow, you can collect great data regarding your product from surveys and consumer input, then shares the results with people who need to see them.


Benefits to GS1 members:

  • Easy to use and takes direct feeds of your product data from Smart Media.
  • Proven research/feedback methodology kits
  • Access to a variety of audience methods
  • A powerful and intuitive analysis tool
  • A database of accredited Glow service providers who can assist with your research needs
  • Industry Dynamic Reports which provide access to the underlying data for online analysis
  • DIY survey management
  • Extremely low cost for Smart Media subscribers, with no lock in contract


Do the research and ensure your product’s success in the marketplace!

To find out more contact the Smart Media team or visit the Glowfeed website.