Know the number of people in your store, in real-time.

Maintain a safe consumer and work environment, combat risk and deter theft with innovative and affordable solutions.


 The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live, where we go and how we shop.  It poses new challenges for businesses & employers worldwide

To help control the spread of COVID-19 virus, large gatherings of people have been prohibited. In accordance to government rules and safety measures, in countries like USA, China, Italy and even Australia, retailers have started to restrict the number of shoppers and also staff that are being allowed to enter into their stores. Following the lockdown, these measures might be the new normal as Governments are still working on creating long term solutions.

During this time of uncertainty, using our knowledge and global capacity, Checkpoint is in a position to offer solutions to help retailers and the wider community.

Checkpoint’s SmartOccupancy solution gives real-time visibility of the occupancy levels in your retail environment. Store managers can set and change threshold levels via the online portal. It provides precise counting in crowded areas- counting how many people enter and exit the store and manages multiple counting zones within the same store.

With real-time visibility of the occupancy levels in store, SmartOccupancy helps Store Managers make actionable decisions with live data. The dashboard uses easy to read colour warnings to indicate when it has reached occupancy threshold, while real-time alerts are sent to staff to prompt action.

For retail moving forward, this type of solutions will become necessary as we are seeing it happen globally. 

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