Future proofing retail with 2DBarcodes: small landscape, mountains of data

Already well established in non-retail settings such as medical and pharmaceutical industries, the case for using 2DBarcodes in retail is becoming stronger. 

As technology advances and demand for end-to-end traceability increases, more and more brands are migrating towards using 2DBarcodes in place of traditional linear barcodes.

Why? DataMatrix 2DBarcodes can serve the entire supply chain ecosystem from a single code as they represent more data per unit area with enough capacity to hold every attribute of a product’s individuality such as pack date, product batch, expiry date and price.

Machine-readable 2DBarcodes enable faster, more accurate transfer of data, and provide retailers with the following benefits:

  • Shield against counterfeit products with serialisation
  • Capability to scan from every direction and improve checkout efficiency
  • Improve end-to-end supply chain traceability and inventory accuracy
  • Hold packaging recycling and sustainability information
  • Optimise customer engagement through interactive experiences
  • Provide recall reassurance with detailed product data
  • Prevent waste through accurate stock rotation

To future-proof operations, retailers will need to upgrade infrastructure to allow for 2DBarcode recognition–or combined linear and 2D scanning capabilities:

  • Coding technologies – flexible and easily installed on existing production lines
  • Barcode labels – any business can integrate 2DBarcoding capabilities through globally recognised barcoding software BarTender
  • Point-of-sale infrastructure – optical scanners that are backward compatible with traditional 1D linear barcodes
  • Scanner compatibility – investing in 2D scanners suitable for harsh environments where labels are prone to wear

With 2DBarcode adoption accelerating, it’s important to get in touch with insignia, your print and coding partner, early in the process to ensure a smooth transition with the right quality of barcode, label or code.

As a GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner, insignia’s experts are equipped with the knowledge and training to provide you with globally compliant 2DBarcoding solutions.