2DB Implementation Plan

News from GS1: Three types of 2DBarcodes have been approved for use at Retail POS.

A global workgroup of industry experts, including suppliers and retailers, has agreed that the benefits of 2DBarcodes are significant and the industry should start to move towards their greater adoption and use. 2DBarcodes can be used to store much more information than the traditional linear barcode, including data such as batch number, expiration date and much more. They can also be used to connect to consumers through their mobile phones to allow them access to nutritional and other information, including promotions.

We are now in the transition period and these barcodes can be used in addition to the linear barcodes on retail POS products. Once industry reaches a stage where there is wider adoption of
2DBarcodes (expected to be 2027), any of the approved barcodes either 1D or 2D can be used.

The time is now to start to understand how 2DBarcodes can improve your business.

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