Voice is back in vogue in the supply chain

By Dave Dessmann, BlueParrott
Advances in push-to-talk technology are making voice the “in thing” in the supply chain once again, showing it’s still the best way to connect workers.
Voice communication has always been central to how we connect, but recent COVID-led disruptions have driven technological innovation, landing us on the cusp of a voice revolution. Voice is back in vogue making what is old, new again.
This voice revolution is entering supply chains with simple to deploy, simple to use, cost effective, push-to-talk technology. Dedicated headsets provide expanded functionality and utilise modern tech to enable more widespread use that can greatly benefit supply chain processes.
Connecting workers across the supply chain
Productivity and accuracy are key drivers of all supply chains, and modern push-to-talk technology enables better communication channels to solve problems, direct activities and keep workers informed.
Managers can direct and coordinate worker activity efficiently.
Drivers have direct access to workers in the office to solve problems on the road.
Warehouse workers can seek immediate assistance to keep processes flowing on the ground.
The headset plays a critical role as the interface that drives functionality. Choosing a headset that is built for work, provides effective noise cancelling microphones and earpieces, and is ergonomic for all-day-use are key for best results.
Back to basics to drive productivity
Technology in the supply chain abounds. Barcode scanners, mobile computers, RFID solutions, robotics and augmented reality solutions all exist to improve supply chain KPIs. With this focus on new technology, we can often forget the power of verbal communication. Voice makes it simple for people to connect, and modern push-to-talk solutions enable this for surprisingly little investment.
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