Mobile Computer Vision: a readily available solution for transforming retail operations

How computer vision is helping retailers to improve experiences and cut costs

Right now, smartphone scanning enabled with computer vision is seeing substantial adoption by brick and mortar retailers. It’s worth explaining why.
Firstly, it gives retail employees mobility to do tasks like price verification and stock checks with a single device anywhere in store. It’s also a smart way to capture data and boost employee productivity - around 34% - while reducing the total cost of ownership.
And in times of crisis like COVID, smartphone scanning provides an agile platform for scaling operations quickly and adopting future innovation.
Lastly but by no means least, it gives customers a differentiated in-store digital experience with access to product reviews, stock availability, product reviews and personalized offers - all delivered through the smartphone.
Let’s look at two leading retailers in New Zealand and Australia who are early adopters of smartphone scanning.
When The Warehouse Group merged two stores with different product lines, smartphone camera scanning was used to record stock with speed and accuracy.
And subsequently, when the lockdown increased online orders by 600%, the use of an order picking app on consumer devices meant employees were able to efficiently fulfil orders.
A second example of bringing the digital and physical worlds together for customers is The Woolworths Group and the successful implementation of Scan&Go across selected Woolworths and Countdown stores.  The key adoption success factor for customers was saving time queuing.  Added benefits include an ability to track spend, create digital shopping lists and the autonomy of paying for and bagging items themselves.
Watch the full on-demand webinar where both retailers discuss more about how smartphone scanning accelerated their digital transformation.
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