Deliver real-time visibility and manage inventory integrity with asset intelligence solutions

Mobile scanning technology provides valuable insight in an industry where even small operational improvements in inventory management can make a significant difference to the bottom line.

As the economy begins recovery from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and customer spending bounces back, the time to scale up e-commerce and supply chain capabilities has never been more critical.
Regardless of sector, inventory integrity is paramount to success in this new retail landscape. Replacing manual searches with real-time retail solutions improves business intelligence and customer experience by:
  • Automating inventory: Demand for contactless will continue with increased appetite for mix and match channel journeys. Barcode and traceability solutions need to be able to identify products, locations, documents across the global supply chain.
  • Streamlining direct-to-consumer and curbside fulfillment: An increase in click and collect, and home delivery poses supply-chain challenges in addition to designing an in-store experience to accommodate more staff dedicated to these fulfilment services.
  • Increasing productivity: Supply chains, inventory management, and user experience can no longer operate in separate silos. Empowering front-line workers with handheld devices produces superior customer experiences and provides real-time visibility.
A seamless customer experience reigns as the retail holy grail. With consumer spending expected to grow strongly in the next financial year, it’s abundantly clear investing in asset intelligence solutions will allow businesses to remain competitive for the consumer dollar while delivering economic efficiencies.
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