The hands-free solution improving productivity and accuracy in warehousing

In today’s eCommerce-driven world, a fast and accurate supply of goods is essential. See how wearable scanning is improving productivity and accuracy in warehouse distribution.

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, there has been a significant rise in direct-to-consumer distribution increasing the number of carton pick warehouse environments. Many warehousing providers have implemented mobile enterprise scanners and printers to reduce time-in-motion and increase accuracy. However, in high output carton pick environments wearable scanning technology has become the newest solution to further improve productivity.

The solution incorporates a wearable computer and ring scanner that is worn by the user, leaving both hands free. A time-in-motion study showed the solution can provide a 40% time saving in the scan and pick process when moving from handheld scanning devices to wearables in a carton pick environment . This equates to approximately 8 hours saved per week, or one full working day. The wearable scanning solution can also produce a 39% reduction in errors .

Additionally, the latest range of wearable solutions operate on an Android operating system, and with Windows ending support and security updates for enterprise devices as of January 2020, there is no better time to upgrade. By upgrading you will be future proofing your fleet and protecting backend systems from security threats.

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