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March 2022   Trade digitalisation pushed to the next level
February 2022   Missing link in supply chains solved. New report proposes ways to link supply chains and product conformance information in Australian first
January 2022   GS1 Australia welcomes Minister's announcement on traceability funding
January 2022   VT Freight Express implements GS1 Scan4Transport standards on transport labels
December 2021   One complete solution for product data and images
December 2021   GS1 supports launch of National Location Registry
November 2021   Australia's National Traceability Accord announced
November 2021   New Branded Food Database by FSANZ powered by GS1 Australia

October 2021   Nichol becomes the first to be certified for Project i-TRACE barcoding
September 2021   GS1 Australia bestows inaugural Standards in Action award to Roberto Olivares of Woolworths
September 2021   GS1 Australia named 2021 Zoomtopia Innovation Awards winner
September 2021   Industry launches new traceability guideline for Australian dairy
June 2021   AFGC partners with GS1 Australia
March 2021   Traceability Solution Providers formalise activities to collaborate, educate and standardise
March 2021   Result Group joins GS1 Australia Alliance Partner program
March 2021  
GS1 Australia celebrating 50 years
March 2021   Data integrity critical for future of retail
Jan 2021   Universal Standards In Healthcare Needed For Covid-19 Vaccine
Dec 2020   U.S. FDA briefing for Asia Pacific on Smarter Food Safety
Oct 2020   New Co-Chair announced for NGTAG - David McNeil
Sep 2020   Drakes Supermarkets adopts GS1’s Recall platform
Sep 2020  

A moment etched in history for Australian Traceability

Aug 2020   David Littleproud MP announces Blockchain to give Aussie dairy competitive edge, project participants include GS1 Australia
Jul 2020   National Traceability Advisory Group established to support Australian Industry and Government
Mar 2020   Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin - Building digital healthcare supply chains for the future
Feb 2020  
GS1 Australia and PMA improve food safety for fresh produce

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May '22   Don’t get let behind by 2DBarcodes
Mar 29   GS1 announces planned leadership succession
Mar 11   GS1 Traceability helping to curb counterfeit
Mar 02   Traceability in the berry industry - Track more, worry less
Jan 18   Serving up a better process for food recalls
Jan 15   Affordable protection for Australian berry brands
Dec 10   Food and Drink Business - GS1 launches registry to ease logistics pressure
Dec 09   Infrastructure Magazine - National Location Registry to streamline freight industry
Dec 08   The National Tribune -  National location data to haul freight industry into new era
Dec 08 - National location data to haul freight industry into new era
Dec 08   MR from Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development – The Hon Barnaby Joyce MP
Dec 08   MR from Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport – The Hon Scott Buchholz MP
Dec 08   Daily Cargo News – National Location Data Portal to Boost Freight Efficiency
Dec 08   Big Rigs – National location data registry launched for freight industry
Dec 08   Australasian Transport News – Government and industry spruik National Location Registry
Dec 08   Power Torque – Accurate and up-to-date information about locations
Dec 08   iMove – National Location Registry launched to support Australian freight
Dec 08   Mirage News - National location data to haul freight industry into new era
Dec 08   MHD Supply Chain News - Government launches location national freight location registry
Dec 08   New registry to smooth flow of goods
Nov 23   Delivering a lift to productivity in the logistics sector
Nov 02   2DBarcodes are the next evolution
Oct 21   A prime solution for all your product needs
Oct 19   Recalls made easier for beverages and brewers
Sep 18   Succeeding within the shifting supply space, NLR
Sep 20   Adapting to the new shopper -  September 2021
Sep 17   Recall assurance
Sep 16   2021 Zoomtopia Innovation Award Winners
Sep 16   AHHB: Getting data foundations right remains critical for Australian healthcare
Aug 31   Producer-to-consumer traceability for high-value export markets
Aug 30   The new National Location Registry, MHD
Jul 29   2DB Welcome to the new dimension
Jul 29   Protecting brands with every scan
Jul 12   Tracking the change - Agility and flexibility for supply chains
June 29   Data capture technology and data standards readiness critical for healthcare
June 4   Product Master Data in Retail
June 01   GS1’s Recall platform: an invaluable resource
May 31   2DB Woolworths line of defence
May 13   If you like it put a GTIN on it
May 11   A unified process for Reverse Logistics
May 11   Conducting better product recalls
May 5   Maria Palazzolo, the low down on 2DBarcodes and traceability
Apr 6   Food Processing - 50 years since the beginnings of the barcode
Mar 31   iTwire - Maria Palazzolo, GS1 Australia CEO, celebrates 50 years of the barcode and digitalisation in commerce
Mar 31   Retailworld - GS1 celebrates 50 years of digitalisation in commerce
Mar 31   The number behind the barcode: GS1 celebrates 50 years of the GTIN
25 Mar   A 2D key to the future
04 Mar   Why do my products need to be trusted barcodes?
19 Feb   How master data allows retailers to thrive
09 Feb   GS1 Barcodes: Ensuring a distinct global identity
19 Jan   Universal Standards In Healthcare Needed For Covid-19 Vaccine

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