Improvements in supply chain win V/Line three awards

Congratulations to V/Line who, in July this year, received three awards in relation to the supply chain improvements that were made across the board including the implementation of GS1 standards and Project i-TRACE. 

These awards were from the Australian Business Awards, recognising organisations that demonstrate core business values via a set of comprehensive award categories.  

Following an extensive submission of a comprehensive paper, V/line was awarded with awards in the following three categories; 

Process Improvement 

V/Line was recognised for achieving outstanding results through process improvements, mainly due to the development and implementation of their inventory management practices.  

Business Technology  

For implementing innovative technological solutions, V/Line was recognized for the adoption of standardised labelling and identification of Inventory items. Design of the labels included 2D Barcodes, which contained GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) for product traceability and the implementation of RF scanning system at their central warehouse  

Supply Chain Management 

Demonstrating excellence in supply chain management, V/Line was rewarded for the introduction of a 24-month plan to build up the people and process capability within their supply chain team. This award truly recognises the significant amount of work V/Line has done in transforming and modernising their supply chain group and systems. 

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