Why now is a great time to sell globally

Selling globally is a great way to grow your business.
For Australian sellers, doing so while the AUD is weak, can be even more beneficial

Selling globally whilst the AUD is at a low is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • You gain a competitive advantage – Given today’s exchange rates, products priced in AUD are significantly cheaper for American and European customers. 
  • You’re able to expand your customer base – Starting to sell globally now means you’re ensuring that when the AUD rebounds, you’ll have already established yourself to an entirely new set of customers. This can help create brand loyalty, positive word of mouth and repeat business.

Amazon.com is by far the largest online marketplace on the planet. Recent research has shown that almost half of all online shoppers in the United States begin at Amazon. Meanwhile, the number of third-party sellers is increasing dramatically to try to match the growing demand.

The companies that are best suited to selling on Amazon offer:

Unique inventory:  Producing your own products means less competition on Amazon.

Niche items: Amazon does not produce many niche products, so there’s less risk of having to compete with them directly.

Second-hand goods: There is demand for refurbished or used products as they attract price-conscious shoppers.

It has never been easier to sell on Amazon.com, with programs in place such as FBA and great shipping rates available worldwide, once you have your products you can be set up and selling in no time. Keep in mind that you may need GS1 barcodes. We strongly recommend you carefully research this, Amazon do validate with GS1 the GS1 ownership details.

Check out our ebook, The Payoneer Guide to selling on Amazon USA for more detailed information on how to get started.