Implementing GS1 DataBar

Is your business about to implement GS1 DataBar? Here, you’ll find some useful guidelines to ensure the implementation is a success. 

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Step 1: Raise awareness within your business

Appoint a GS1 DataBar project leader. Their first task should be to educate various stakeholder groups about the importance of becoming GS1 DataBar compliant. These groups include:

  • Senior management
  • IT
  • Scanner suppliers
  • Users of the scanners

GS1 Australia is here to help you develop the business case, if needed. 

Step 2: Assess your current situation

  • Identify if your scanners are ready for GS1 DataBar – in some cases, scanners only need a software upgrade to be able to scan the barcode.         
  • Assess possible areas of deployment – such as meat and produce scale/printers, self check-out lanes, portable data collection equipment, and price-look-up stands.
  • Assess equipment lifecycles – if existing scanners and associated equipment are nearing end-of-life, plan for upgrades that are GS1 DataBar compliant.

Step 3: Plan your deployment

Retailers and manufacturers will deploy GS1 DataBar in different ways.

If you are a manufacturer:

  • Find out if your trading partners can scan GS1 DataBar. While it is expected that all retailers should be ready now, some may not be, so it is important to validate.  
  • Identify products that could use GS1 DataBar to get the most from the GS1 System. For example, it works well on fresh produce and meat items, as the barcode can easily fit on loose produce and can carry valuable data to aid in stock control.  

If you are a retailer:

  • Ensure your scanners and systems are ready to scan and receive data on GS1 DataBar barcodes.
  • Identify store-marked items that could use GS1 DataBar, such as deli items.
  • Consider initiating a pilot with stakeholders to improve traceability or price markdown processes, by using additional data that can be held in GS1 DataBar. There are many ways to reduce costs and improve traceability by using GS1 DataBar and the GS1 identification system.

Step 4: Remember, GS1 Australia is here to help

GS1 Australia provides a range of education and training workshops to help you implement the GS1 system.