Locatenet FAQs

How do I register for Locatenet?

You can register online at https://www.gs1locatenet.com.au It only takes a few minutes.  

How do update my details in Locatenet?

To update your details: 
1. Login to Locatenet at https://www.gs1locatenet.com.au
2. Select My User Profile 
3. Select Edit to change your details
4. Once you have completed the changes, select Save

Note: You will not be able to change the User Type. This can only be done by your Locatenet Company Administrator.

How much does Locatenet cost?

Registration with Locatenet is only available to financial members of GS1 Australia. The fees depend on your annual turnover. 

View the Locatenet fee schedule  

I forgot my Locatenet password. What do I do?

You can reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the Locatenet homepage. Enter your Company Alias and User ID, and a new password will be emailed to you.

I want to find health jurisdiction GLNs to publish my data on the National Product Catalogue. What’s the easiest way to search for them?

To find GLNs, follow these steps:
1. Login to Locatenet at https://locatenet.gs1au.org/login.aspx 
2. Select Directory Search 
3. Select Filter By GLN 
4. Select Information Recipient on National Product Catalogue from the dropdown menu
5. Perform the search - the results will display the GLNs of all State and Territory health jurisdictions 

What is Locatenet?

Locatenet is a central directory of GS1 standards, unique Global Location Numbers (GLNs) which identify physical, operational and legal locations. Locatenet helps you manage and share accurate and validated location master data with your trading partners via a central electronic source.

Why can’t I find the GLN I am looking for on Locatenet?

Locatenet only contains GLN records supplied by Locatenet subscribers. In other words, it doesn't list all the GLNs used in Australia.

Why do I have to register for Locatenet to use the National Product Catalogue?

All healthcare suppliers to public sector jurisdictions are required to join Locatenet. Members need to know which GLNs have been assigned by State and Territory health departments to the different area health services, hospitals and other entities within your state or territory to which a price may apply. These GLNs form part of the data that must be provided to the National Product Catalogue in order to create a price record.