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Turnover Declaration


By entering your name above, you acknowledge you are authorised to provide this information and that the stated turnover is a true reflection of your organisation’s (and its subsidiaries) turnover at the time of this declaration and that GS1 is entitled to use the declaration to determine the fees applicable to your organisation for the use of GS1 subscription membership.


Important Information

  • As this is a member declaration, please ensure that the information submitted is accurate. The information supplied will be used to determine the appropriate membership category for your GS1 Australia subscription membership and any associated services for the applicable financial year.

  • Turnover means the Australian based revenue for a twelve month period, of your organisation including all related subsidiary entities in which you have a majority interest, regardless of the number of products or objects utilising the GS1 system.

  • For Government and statutory organisations, revenue includes income from the sale of products and services as well as any Government appropriations, contributions, subsidies or other Government distributions and funding.

  • You agree that GS1 may make inquiries of third parties (including financial institutions, ASIC, credit reporting agencies, and any personal credit and/or consumer credit information providers) to obtain Your Turnover to determine the Fees applicable to you and to verify any Turnover information provided by you.

  • GS1 Australia, in its sole discretion, may vary the recorded turnover to reflect the existence of multiple GS1 Australia memberships. In the event of multiple memberships for your organisation, each membership declared turnover should reflect only the turnover of that business unit holding the membership.

  • Any changes to turnover will take effect at the next renewal of the subscription/service provided. GS1 Australia has 10 working days to effect the change. No adjustments will be made to current outstanding invoices as a result of this turnover declaration unless otherwise agreed in writing between GS1 Australia and yourself.

  • Failure to complete this form in full, including all mandatory fields identified with, will result in a processing delay.