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GS1 Smart Media is the new home of DLibrary

GS1 Australia is pleased to announce the acquisition of DLibrary, Australia’s traditional market leader in digital product photography, online hosting and distribution services, from PMP Digital Pty Ltd on 2 February 2018.

The acquisition is aligned with the GS1 global vision to provide suppliers, retailers and industry with an advanced solution to share high quality product images and accurate consumer facing product data with trading partners.

GS1 Smart Media is the new home of DLibrary

The DLibrary customer base and digital asset library will be merged into GS1 Australia’s Smart Media service. Combining DLibrary’s high quality image pedigree with Smart Media’s full suite of service options will achieve our vision for the benefit of our members and the wider industry.

We are excited about this announcement and are confident this will provide additional value and benefits to users.


  • • Highest quality photography services
  • • Option to utilise GS1 Australia’s content creation services
  • • Optional integration of product data from your National Product Catalogue
  • • Send products into one location and leverage Barcode Testing Service
  • • Suppliers can share their content with over 100 recipients
  • • Recipients have free access to a significantly increased range of supplier content
  • • Enhanced search and reporting capabilities
  • • Leverage the international best practises of Brandbank Ltd, the world’s leader in content provision for multi-channel retail, and
  • • All this at GS1 Australia’s not for profit pricing model

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Smart Media, now is the time to explore the options available to you.

If you have any questions about this acquisition or how you can take advantage of the Smart Media service, please contact GS1 Australia’s Smart Media support team on (03) 8581 5959 or via email on

As all our members are different, please contact us for a customised package option:

 +61 2 9695 2227

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