• Smart Media suite of services

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    The GS1 Australia Smart Media suite of services offers suppliers and brand owners a tiered range of options for managing and sharing images, product photography, product related digital assets and product data with trading partners.

    Smart Media Content Creation


    Why use Content Creation?

    Suppliers, manufacturers and brands need to create lots of product information for a variety of different applications; eCommerce, print media, mobile apps and category planning.

    With Content Creation GS1 Australia will not only help you to create quality content for all your trading partners, we also help you to manage and distribute that content easily in a cost effective manner.

    Smart Media provides you with a single, web-based platform to store all your product information, so you can access it at any time; distribute it directly to content consumers; and keep track of your products’ statuses.

    Managing Complexity

    The FMCG landscape without a Content Creation service


    How is this done?

    We will weigh, measure, photograph, and create all on-pack data for the brand owner and load to Smart Media upon your content approval. 

    • Retailer / Recipient solutions  - All the content you need to make your online shop dependable, rich and user-friendly. Content will also support print media and shelf-management functions.

    • Supplier solutions - All the content you need to promote your products online or via print media, and support your shelf planning tools. 

    Learn more about GS1 Australia partnering with Brandbank to provide the Content Creation service.

    Smart Media Self-Managed

    You, the brand owner, self-load your data and product photography / digital assets (including integration of data from National Product Catalogue).

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    Product photography

    We will produce product shots for planograms, advertising and online shopping.

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