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Over 75% of our customers are small businesses.

We get it! You just want to get a barcode so you can sell your product and you want it to be as quick and pain free as possible.

If that's all you need, you can join online now and become a member.

If you're dealing with larger customers like major retailers in grocery, office products, pharmacy or hardware, you might need a little more. They usually want a barcode test report, some product data and even a quality product image to range your product.

We can help with that too! Product Launch lets us do it all for you. Just give us your product and you're on your way to a hassle-free sales experience.


Takes 10-15 minutes

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Selling online? You'll need a product identifier from GS1 Australia

If you're selling online, you'll be asked for a barcode, a product identifier, a GTIN or EAN number. It might sound a little daunting. But it's really not. All you need to do is join GS1 Australia to start creating barcode numbers for your products.

The numbers you see beneath barcodes are your products' unique identifiers - they're called GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). And you need these numbers for selling online through marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and Google shopping. These numbers come from us - we're part of the global GS1 organisation that manages the barcode standards and allocates the numbers. Visit our dedicated Online Marketplaces page to read more.

GS1 barcode numbers are used by the major marketplaces

You might only be trading online today, but when you get a barcode number from GS1 Australia you can be sure our numbers will help you sell through any retailer - in Australia or internationally. Just like the two million companies worldwide who use our numbers and barcodes.

To start creating barcodes, you need to join GS1

Your annual GS1 Australia membership includes:

  • Ongoing use of unique GS1 barcode numbers
  • Access to training and support (first session free)
  • Access to barcode verification (two free each year)


  • Member pricing on all GS1 Australia services
  • Access to best practice information and standards for supply chain management


If you have any questions contact our friendly Customer Support team on 1300 BARCODE (1300 227 263) or via Contact us

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Takes 10-15 minutes

Fees | Terms & Conditions