Recall platform service updates

The Recall and Recall Health platforms are updated regularly with new features and enhancements. 

Recent updates

Improved workflow

  • After working closely with Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ), the notification workflow within the GS1 Recall platform is now aligned to the current FSANZ Recall Report. Users can be confident that FSANZ receive all the necessary information required when submitting a recall via the GS1

Recall platform. 

  • Post recall reporting module. Post recall reports accurately reflect the current Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) versions of the Interim and Final Reports (Parts A & B). These reports are available in the Regulatory Reports module of the platform once a notification has been issued. 

Organisation filters

  • Initiators of recalls can view a drop-down list of organisations and their hierarchies that may exist, allowing users to more easily locate receiver sites within an organisation that is set up with a multi-level hierarchy.

A history of upgrades to the Recall platforms can be viewed using the following links. 

Submit your enhancement request

All users of the platforms can submit requests for functional improvements or updates. These will flow into the assessment, specification and review and prioritisation process with input from the Recall Advisory Groups. This process ensures a service functional enhancement road map is achieved, aligned with industry requirements, and capturing the future needs of the Recall and Recall Health platforms. To submit a change requestor to find out more about the Recall road map email or call the GS1 Recall teams on talkdesk03 8581 5976