Recall platform service updates

The Recall and Recall Health platforms are updated regularly with new features and enhancements.

These updates are communicated to subscribers as they take place. In 2020 there will be three system updates delivering more functionality more often.

Recent updates

  • New Recipient Management module has been introduced, allowing initiators to group subscribed recipients into lists that can be easily targeted within a notification, as well as the ability to upload and maintain external customer lists.
  • Recall Health, updated to allow sponsors/users some greater flexibility. Sponsors can now choose to use the platform to submit their recall information to the TGA during the pre-approval process or choose to start using after the TGA approval process is complete. All existing users/sponsors will be set to the default of using the platform for the whole process and this will also be the default for new users, but this can be changed on set up or at any time via user settings.

A history of upgrades to the Recall platforms can be viewed using the following links.

Submit your enhancement request

All users of the platforms are able to submit requests for functional improvements or updates. These will flow into the assessment, specification, review and prioritisation process with input from the Recall Advisory Groups. This process ensures a service functional enhancement roadmap is achieved, aligned with industry requirements and capturing the future needs of the Recall and Recall Health platforms.

To submit a change requestor to find out more about the Recall roadmap email  or call the GS1 Recall teams on 03 8581 5976