Recall upgrades and points of interest

Functional enhancements

In June 2018 there was a functional update to the Recall service for the Food and Beverage and Healthcare industries.

The functional enhancements for the Recall Health portal are:

  • Organisation hierarchy functional updates (multiple)
  • Enabling API functionality with the Recall system
  • Regulator Read Receipts feature
  • Consolidating multiple targeted locations on one email alert
  • Internal locations additional profile 

The functional enhancements for the Recall Food and Beverage portal are:

  • Organisation hierarchy functional updates (multiple)
  • Food charity communication - Foodbank Australia
  • Enabling API functionality with the Recall system
  • Regulator Read Receipts feature
  • Visibility to target additional Food & Beverage regulators
  • Consolidating multiple targeted locations on one email alert
  • Internal locations additional profile  

Service enhancements

Requirements for this release are part of the ongoing Recall product roadmap sourced from both industry and GS1 customer interactions. This has resulted in 11 separate enhancements to be delivered in 2018

  • 9 items delivered in 2018 R1 (11 June)
  • 2 items will be delivered in 2018 R2 (December)  

14 Items were delivered in December 2017

Highlights included:

  • Hierarchy setup and reporting. All Food & Beverage and General Merchandise companies will have the ability to set themselves up in a Hierarchy format. 
  • Enable a fax service in the system, to allow sponsors to send notifications via fax to their recipients. 
  • Integration with the National Product Catalogue (NPC).
  • Update the virus scan capability when uploading attachments to the portal.
  • The function for Healthcare sponsors to upload, track and trace up to two unique specific reports sent to individually targeted recipients.  
  • Enable sponsors to upload multiple product items at the same time through the use of a template. 
  • Allow a sponsor to issue a 48 hour automatic reminder notice to any/all recipients based on notification involvement status.

Update the Reporting capability with an additional column in the KPI report showing the percentage of recipients that have completed various actions required of the notification. 

Previous enhancements

We have had 44 functional enhancements now applied within the last 18 months. The upgrade in functionality has been driven by a mixture of feedback from Industry partners, regulators and associations acting on behalf of members that are GS1 Recall users. These service enhancements are being delivered as part of our ongoing effort to consistently align ourselves and move with the Food and Grocery, and General Merchandise and Apparel sectors, as we adapt and evolve to changing community requirements and expectations. 

Some of the initial service enhancements include:

  • Document attachment sizes upgraded from a 2mb to 10mb limit in most areas of the portal
  • Automated notification alerts enhancement – All subscribed and non-subscribed recipients will be sent reminder alert(s) based on their notification involvement status thus improving the portal information and usefulness
  • Subscribed members will have the option to make their internal locations visible on the Recipients list for other Recall members to select and target
  • We have reduced the number of statuses the Recipient can select when actioning a Recall. This has provided a more meaningful communication between Initiator and Recipient. The status options have been requested to be reduced to ‘Acknowledged’ and ‘Completed.' If anyone has feedback regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us
  • Learn more about the enhancements

Inactive users

As a result of the major release last year, all users are required to update their password so that in the event of a recall access is ensured. Users are currently considered ‘inactive’ in the system until they successfully login.     

Users that have not logged in since March last year should login when possible. In doing so, you will need to change your password using the ‘forgot password’ button on the Recall login screen.  

When a Recall needs to be raised all Recall users need to have working access to the system and if you need to go through the password reset process this could slow down the expediency of your communication to affected customers.

600 Subscribers and growing!

Recently GS1 Australia passed the 600 subscriber mark for both Recall and Recall Health membership. This is a significant milestone for the Recall service as it shows the portal is gaining wide appeal as the Recall process of choice. GS1 Australia looks forward to continuing to work with our valued members and also continue to grow our membership to add greater value to the community. 

Process flow

There has been a query raised regarding possible delays in timing of contacting and liaising with the regulator and raising a notification with the Recall portal. If this has been an issue for you, the GS1 Recall team suggests the following process flow. This diagram can guide you to ensure there is as little time gap as possible between finalising your requirements with the regulator, and concurrently building the information requirements to send your notification through Recall to your recipients. 


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