• Reaching a milestone

    Reaching a milestone

    GS1 Australia’s Recall services have now over 600 active subscribers in total registered, with more than 800 recipient and sponsor locations and nearly 2,500 user log in accounts. Since its inception with food and beverage products, it now also covers general merchandise and therapeutic goods items.

    Developed with industry stakeholders, GS1 Recall is the only secure system you need to send recall and withdrawal communications to your trading partners and regulators whether your trading community is small or large.

    GS1 Recall provides many benefits to users:

    • Enables faster and easier communication
    • Reduces risks and costs
    • Notifications targeted to affected customers 
    • Tracks progress efficiently and clearly
    • Decreases / removes data duplication
    • Delivers handling, disposal and reimbursement instructions clearly
    • Provides mandatory regulatory notifications to regulators such as FSANZ and ACCC and for Healthcare products, TGA
    • Meets HACCP compliance
    • Captures communications from diverse parties in one central location

    GS1 Recall provides benefits to both sponsors and recipients involved in recall and withdrawal events.

    “Nestlé has integrated GS1 Recall within our own product recall and withdrawal processes as it provides far greater speed, accuracy and control over such a critical event.” - Mandeep Sodhi - B2B & Supply Chain Technology Manager, Nestlé

    GS1 Recall not only protects consumer and patient safety but allows a company to protect their integrity. With its rapidly expanding user community, GS1 Recall is the most efficient way to communicate with trading partners with confidence.

    “This system integrates company procedures with industry requirements and allows companies to conduct mock recalls and have peace-of-mind that when the time comes, you know what to do without panic or risk of damaging your brand.” - Paul Broadbridge – Director, Digital Bridge Consulting

    If you would like to know more about how GS1 Recall and GS1 Recall Health can help your business why don’t you register for a Recall webinar, or alternatively contact the Recall team on 1300 227 263.