GS1 Australia COVID-19 two calendar-day quarantine period

Urgent Barcode Test Requests

If you have a physical product sample that urgently needs barcode testing within the current 2 calendar day quarantine period, or you are unable to physically submit a sample, the key Grocery retailers have agreed that Interim Reports can be used as a means of keeping the process moving without delays. 

Retailers will accept Interim Reports as a means of listing the product. This tests nearly all the final requirements including key elements such as number allocation, location, size, correct use of GTIN and colour. We will then automatically test the final sample as soon as the 2 day quarantine period ends.

To facilitate this follow these steps:

  1. Optionally: Send us your physical sample (we will then quarantine for 2 calendar days)
  2. Additionally: At the same time please email us a sample of the artwork electronically (digital file)  in PDF format to
  3. We will issue you the Interim Report which keeps the process moving with the retailer
  4. Where you have also submitted a physical sample we will then automatically issue you a final report as soon as it is released from quarantine.  If you do not submit a Physical sample, the Interim will be acceptable to retailers until the COVID-19 situation is resolved.
  5. In either above scenario, you will only be charged for the one Report.