The most effective way to share and source critical locations across your supply chain. Locatenet is used extensively by many organisations across the healthcare sector.

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What is Locatenet?

When moving products through supply chains, reliability and dependability of location information is essential. Locatenet was developed in conjunction with the Australian Healthcare sector to provide a mechanism for sharing location information. It is used extensively by the State and Territory Health jurisdictions and private healthcare providers to share this information with their suppliers.

  • Industry developed solution sponsored by Australian Digital Health Agency, supporting sharing of Global Location Numbers (GLN) between trading partners in Healthcare
  • Enable identification of locations or legal/functional entities for greater supply chain control
  • Based on GS1 global standards for locations, it can be used worldwide
  • Share location-based information with trading partners

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Takes 8-10 minutes

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Benefits of Locatenet

Locatenet is a smart, easy to use directory of Global Location Numbers that can help you quickly and accurately identify the correct  location for all transactions. 

Greater visibility and traceability across your supply chain
By being able to specifically identify locations including point of origin, ship-to destinations, storage locations, points of utilisation, invoice parties and other virtual entities, you can quickly and easily gain more control and visibility over your entire supply chain.

Simple and straightforward
Locatenet is fast and easy to use, enabling you to quickly get the data you need.

Improved accuracy
Locatenet can help improve the accuracy of purchase orders, deliveries, payments and electronic messaging.

Supports NPC and eProcurement (EDI)
By providing a method for the sharing and sourcing of Global Location Numbers (GLN) that are needed for use within data synchronisation and electronic trading.