How much does an LEI cost?

Price list for Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) - valid from 1 June, 2018


LEI single application (one-year term) €89*
LEI renewal (one-year term) €59*
LEI collective application (min. 10 LEIs, one-year-term)                      Enquire   
LEI collective renewal (min. 10 LEIs, one-year-term) Enquire   
LEI account change €0
LEI Transfer Fee €0


LEI Fees and GLEIF Contribution

The annual provision fee for using the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) includes a contribution for the Global LEI System (GLEIS contribution). The GLEIS contribution is used to finance the GLEIF in its capacity as central institution. GS1 pays this contribution at the current amount of approximately €11.00* directly to GLEIF. Legally independent entities and participants with independent accounting (from industry, commerce, the service sector etc.) are required to pay a fee.


*Based on the conversion rate of 1.628 at 20/19/2019, these charges would be approximately A$144.85 (New), A$96.02 (Renew) and A$17.90 (GLEIF fee). Please note the actual amount you pay will depend on the conversion rate charged by your bank at the time of the transaction as well as any foreign currency or other fees incurred. The charge by GS1 will always be the Euro figures quoted above. 

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