EPCIS Sandpit

A secure platform to learn how to record, manage and exchange visibility event data using EPCIS standards, so you can cost-effectively share information across your supply chain.

Electronic Product Code Information Service

Electronic Product Code Information Service

Minimal investment with full support

What is the EPCIS Sandpit?

The EPCIS Sandpit is a service provided by GS1 Australia to help you pilot and discover the benefits of event based visibility and traceability using EPCIS standards.

GS1 experts work with you at every step of the way - to firstly map your supply chain, and then help you to configure the EPCIS Sandpit to give access to all relevant parties.

EPCIS enables trading partners to share information about the movement and status of physical objects as they travel through the supply chain - from business to business and ultimately to consumers. It answers important 'what, where, when and why' questions, helping to meet customer and regulatory demands for accurate, detailed supply chain visibility and product traceability information.

Developed to the latest EPCIS 1.1 standards, the EPCIS Sandpit includes:

  • An EPCIS database for storing event data
  • A user interface for event data capture and query
  • Web services for event data capture and query

Breaking down the barriers in transport with GS1 Standards

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Benefits of EPCIS Sandpit

A secure test and development environment
Supply chains can be very complex. The EPCIS Sandpit is a safe place to test the flow of event data across your supply chain and explore the impact on your systems and those of your trading partners. 

Full support from GS1 experts
GS1 experts will help you map your supply chain, configure the EPCIS Sandpit and provide access to suppliers, customers, transport providers, 3PLs and more.

Minimal investment
The EPCIS Sandpit is designed to help you 'learn by doing', without significant investment or commitment.

Achieve new levels of visibility
The EPCIS standard is designed to enable users to gain a shared view of physical or digital objects as they move through the supply chain.

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