Project management

Outsource specific components of your projects to our expert team.


What is project management?

If you have a project - or component of a project - that requires specific expertise or assistance, why not outsource it to us? We offer specialist project management, subject matter expertise, tender assistance and even post implementation review services. 

  • Outsource your projects - of all sizes - to our expert consulting team.
  • Our team is trained in project management methodology and process, and can help you drive your project to ensure costs and deadlines are met.
  • We can also help you complete your functional or technical specifications material and review draft documents to ensure they comply with the GS1 system.
  • We can review an implementation upon completion and provide actionable insights regarding potential areas for improvement or review.

Please be aware that consulting fees and charges apply.

Benefits of project management

Trained subject matter experts
Our skilled consultants are trained in project management methodology and can help ensure your projects run smoothly.

End-to-end management
Our project management service can be coupled with our audits and implementation advice services - meaning we can help you at every stage of the process.

Completely customised to your needs
Our consultants will work with you closely to understand your specific business requirements, to ensure every project is managed with your unique goals in mind.