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We offer a range of services to help you expand your knowledge, do more with the GS1 system, and create an efficient and effective supply chain.

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We offer a full range of services

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From numbering and barcodes 

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to Barcode Testing

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to expert consulting 

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Supporting your business



Keep and share a central, secure directory of your global location numbers.


Need photography?

Our expert photography team can create professional imagery to help you market and sell your products.


Trusted Data

Easily provide industry representatives - including analysts, retailers and others - with agnostic, aggregated data on your products.


Product Launch

Get your new product to market with reliable barcodes, correct weight and measurements, and high quality photographs.


Use this tool to help you achieve better search engine results.

Get compliant & supply chain efficient


Barcode Check

We can help you ensure your barcodes scan first time, every time.


EDI Certify

Our EDI Certify tool can help business communities to start trading electronically, as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Need numbers and barcodes? Start here

Did you know we are the only company in Australia authorised to license GS1 barcode numbers?

Logistics Labelling Tool

A simple easy to use solution for small businesses that need to create logistics labels.

Do things better


Recall products

Quickly and easily notify all your trading partners when a product needs to be recalled or withdrawn.

Learn more: Recall

Need help?

Our expert consulting team offers a range of services to help you optimise your business’ supply chain.

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Smart digital content

Create, manage and share all product content and digital assets in one, easy to access location.

Learn more: Smart Media

National Product Catalogue

Set up, maintain and share your product data master catalogue with trading partners in healthcare and other industries.

Ensuring optimal safety in healthcare

We help ensure the highest levels of safety with a reliable product recall system for the healthcare industry.

Learn more: Recall Health

EPCIS Sandpit

This new tool provides a secure platform for learning how to record, manage and exchange visibility event data using EPCIS standards.

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