National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy released

This strategy is accompanied by a National Action Plan that will be reviewed every five years.  Here are some highlights which are relevant to GS1.

Critical Area 1: “Smarter and targeted infrastructure investment” 

Action 1.3(a) - Investigate digital infrastructure needs to support the deployment of innovative freight technologies.  

Critical Area 2: “Enable Improved Supply Chain efficiency”

Action 2.1 - Adopt and implement national and global standards, and support common platforms to reduce transaction costs and support interoperability along supply chains.  Refers to GS1 global standards and specifically references the Austroads Supply Chain Visibility Report findings.

Action 2.1(a) - “Encourage adoption of international standards by the promotion of global data standards"

Critical Area 4: "Better freight location and performance data"

Action 4.1 - Develop an evidence base of key freight flows and supply chains and their comparative performance to help business and governments improve day-to-day freight and network operations, make better investment decisions, and monitor and evaluate the performance of the freight system. 

Page 22 of the National Action Plan highlights that success will be reliant on the adoption of global data standards 

Released! National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy

National Action Plan

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