GS1 Egypt signs collaboration agreement with Customs to support risk management and goods clearance

By Patrik Jonasson, GS1 global office, 01 July 2021
Egypt launched its single window system to modernise customs administration on April,1, 2021, with full implementation is expected by July 1, 2021. As part of the implementation Egypt’s Ministry of Finance has issued Decrees on pre shipment registration under a new single window system that seeks to modernise and automate customs administration, simplify procedures, and reduce clearance times. These include requirements that consignment documents for Egyptian agencies at ports of entry be submitted through the single window system 48 hours prior to shipment arrival.

In addition, according to Egypt Minister of Finance Decree 222:2021 Electronic commercial invoice with item particulars can include the GS1 identification code. If GS1 identification code doesn’t exist, the number shall be determined based on the nature of the imported item. To support implementation GS1 Egypt signed a collaboration agreement for data sharing with Egypt customs in March 2021 to support customs risk management and goods clearance activities.

The Single Window/Pre-Clearance concept was a response to Egypt’s declining World Bank ranking for Availability and Quality of Logistics. Following a drop in score in 2011 Egypt’s government responded by looking for ways that would encourage investment and improve its position on the ranking. The single window takes a step towards raising international indicators including global competitiveness, doing business, and the macroeconomic environment.