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Supporting Australia's dairy industry for a more profitable and sustainable future​

Australia’s dairy industry is modernising for a more profitable and sustainable future. GS1 Australia is working with Australian Dairy Farmers to support producers, processors and retailers with new ways of capturing and sharing data through the supply chain. GS1 global data standards provide a common format for supply chain business processes, and fortunately many of the basic GS1 standards are already in place for the dairy industry supply chain. ​

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Traceability Implementation Guideline

Developed in collaboration with Australian Dairy Farmers to effectively manage and improve traceability for the Australian dairy industry.​

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Australian dairy on the moove

New opportunities for dairy producers and processors, including a real-time payment system using Blockchain and Smart Contracts.​

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GS1 Advisory Services

Find new ways to achieve a more profitable, safer and competitve future for your business.

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